Frequently Asked Questions

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How does this differ to using Google Alerts?

Market Monitor builds on the process that someone might already have with Google Alerts. For one, it'll do the work of trying to make sure that an article is contextually about your business or a competitor business rather than just an article which contains the name.

Imagine a company called "Orange" (those in the UK can use their memory instead!). A Google Alert for 'Orange' would fire more often than we'd like, so Market Monitor checks that the article is also about the industry that they operate in as well, namely the mobile telecoms sector. Combine that with some more analysis, and Market Monitor returns far more contextually relevant results – with less setup from you.

Where does the news come from?

Our news is discovered from a huge number of news sources worldwide. We often find those news sources through our initial searches for business and competitor searches when you sign up, and then add them to the pool of sources used to find news in the future.

If you think we're missing a news source, and you'd like to suggest it, send us an email and we'll look into getting it added.

What information will I receive?

Market Monitor trawls the web for news, and will deliver to you:

  • news about you
  • news about your competitors
  • blogs from your competitors
  • news in your industry

You receive this news in new real-time on this website, as well as daily or weekly via email depending on your subscription plan.

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